Monday, November 28, 2016

What's the biggest lesson you've learned in life, especially when it comes to friends?

the biggest lesson you've learned in life, especially when it comes to friends

  • There is nothing like good friends or bad friends, it is all about time and situations.
  • You may have thousands of friends on facebook, but one who is your neighbour who is on facebook or not will come first and no one from those thousands facebook friends will bother.
  • When you say your friend, let’s come with me, if he truly maintains a friendship he will never ask why or where (May ask once where) but when other friends include excuses then understand that there is something wrong.
  • A friend who is always available on a single call is someone who will never betray you.
  • Just because of different castes there comes a big difference in thinking.
  • Just because a friend gets a reservation in education, the other who don’t get becomes a formal enemy.
  • If your best friend is a girl then you are a target of this very organised cultural society because according to them you are doing something very wrong.
  • You get influenced by your friends so choose who can understand your situations.
  • You have a problem then a friend will surely listen to you because he/she knows the condition.
  • If there is a situation of comparison then their no real friendship.
So what is your experience with your friends and what different lessons you have learnt? Urban pathshala would like to hear your lessons so that it can inspire others.

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