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What should you never try in life?

What are things one shouldn't try in his life?
Things you should never try in your life.
  • Never try to hurt someone.
  • Never try to give up on your dreams because when you try means you already lose.
  • Never try to abuse someone physically or with words.
  • You should remember the fact the cigarettes are injurious to health so you should never try in life.
  • There are people who need you so never try to attempt a suicide. 
  • Never give up on your work because you don’t know what is coming next.
  • Either you never try to make promises and if you promise someone that never try to break it.
  • Never forget your experience from the past.
  • Rules are there to follow, never try to break them.
  • Never waste your time, either enjoy it or do something productive.
  • You never know what is the problem with a person so never make fun of them.
  • He is lean, yes is weak but nobody allowed you to make his fun.
  • Never try drugs or alcohol.
  • Never try to lose hope.
  • Never hurt your partner.
At last, never try to stop reading and replying. Do reply if you like the answers by any writer because it encourages writers to write more. 

What is the most important thing that you have ever learned from a book?

Learning from a book.
Learning from books
First two points are for those who want to read or write.

  • Whether you are a writer or not, if you want to write please write.
  • If you want to read then don’t think you are not good at reading. Start reading you will face difficulties but at the end of one single book, you will find yourself at other higher level.
There is not only a single thing, there are a lot of things that I have learned.
  • Whether you have the source or not, if you want to start something big start it and start with small.
  • Gender doesn’t decide whether you will be successful or not.
  • If there are men, there are women also.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover.
  • If you have faith in your work, your work will strengthen your faith.
  • If you can connect the dots then you can draw a line.
  • If you can leave your food for your goals then your goals with help you earn the food.

What is a good life?

How to follow a good life?
A good life
  • You failed in an exam and you are feeling low still your family is supporting you is a good life.
  • There are so many friends but you have a friend who is more than a brother from another mother, makes your life very good.
  • You don’t have money but still, you have people always support you is a good life.
  • When you do things to satisfy your soul not to satisfy others.
  • When you can help others.
  • When you see someone fighting and resolve their fight.
  • You see an animal or bird who is fighting in pain and you give them first aid.
  • When you give value to materialistic things instead of people around you.
  • When you have less still you manage to share your part.
  • When you don’t judge people by their look and go forward to help them.
  • When you listen to your parents.
  • When you support them when they need it most.
  • When you don’t harm anyone.
  • Life is good when you have goals for need not for your wants.
  • When you realise that money is something, not everything.
  • When you can work on your today to build your future instead of remembering the past feeling sad about it.
  • When you realise that when you see a girl and you feel it is a love, NO it is just an attraction.
  • When you don’t let your relationship heavy on your goals.
  • Life is good when you wake in the morning and interact with humans instead of gadgets.
  • Life is good if you wake up early in the morning and go for a walk.
  • Life is very very good is you can complete your most important work in the morning.
  • When someone comes to your and thank you for helping him.
  • Life is good when you feel it is good.
  • Life is good when you feel that your life worth.
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