Thursday, December 01, 2016

At what point should we take life seriously?

Take your life very seriously.
At what point should we take life seriously?

There are many situations when you feel very low because of some unfavourable conditions and you assume that nothing can be done, there is nothing left for you.
So these are the situations when you want to do something for your life and to achieve something.

The situations can be -
  • You failed in the exam.
  • You met an accident while riding your bike.
  • When someone betrayed you.
  • When you feel low because your Girlfriend/Boyfriend left you.
  • When you see your father is working day and night to make you successful and you are giving zero result.
  • When your mother is serving you food and everything to your place and you are doing nothing to become a successful person.
  • When some elder tell you to not do something bad that means you need to understand that they are something good.
For different people there are different situations but a simple thing is take your life seriously because no one knows what will happen next so live your today.

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