Sunday, December 04, 2016

What is the most important thing that you have ever learned from a book?

Learning from a book.
Learning from books
First two points are for those who want to read or write.

  • Whether you are a writer or not, if you want to write please write.
  • If you want to read then don’t think you are not good at reading. Start reading you will face difficulties but at the end of one single book, you will find yourself at other higher level.
There is not only a single thing, there are a lot of things that I have learned.
  • Whether you have the source or not, if you want to start something big start it and start with small.
  • Gender doesn’t decide whether you will be successful or not.
  • If there are men, there are women also.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover.
  • If you have faith in your work, your work will strengthen your faith.
  • If you can connect the dots then you can draw a line.
  • If you can leave your food for your goals then your goals with help you earn the food.

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