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Being late to class: reasons and ways to avoid this.

Reason of reaching late
Being late to class | From Canva

Here you will find the reasons of being late and also tips and tricks that you can use so that you can reach on time.

It is never good if you have habit of reaching late. If you are late for work, your boss will shout on you. If you are late at school, you will not get your attendance. If you are business owner then you may loss faith and footfall of customers.

Let's talk about attendance in schools. Schools always note down the daily attendance and also they have criteria of attendance that students need to follow and attend more than 75% or 80% classes which if they fail then the consequences may be they will be not allowed in the exams or students may be penalized.

Imagine you are late for school and teacher ask you stand outside the class then there are many disadvantages of that :

  • You will have to stand outside the class which means everyone can see and can think bad about you.
  • You will not get attendance.
  • You can't write notes.
  • You will lag behind from other students in understanding the lesson.
  • And one of the thing is that your time will get wasted.

There may be several reasons of being late to class:

  • I am late and if I go now then it will disturb others.
  • Students don't feel responsibility for their study.
  • I have no interest in studies.
  • Class teacher always send me out of the class.
  • I don't want to sit on front seat.
  • I want to sit on last seat so that I can sleep.

Now how one can avoid being late to the class.

  • Sleep as early as you can.
  • Take sound sleep for 7 to 8 hours.
  • Wake up early to do most important work.
  • Eat light food at night as it takes to digest the food.
  • Study your subject with fun.
  • Try to study daily so that you can match pace with teacher.
  • Always be active in class.
  • Interact with teachers.
  • Sit on the front desk.
  • Avoid friendship of students who are not good in studies.
  • Take a route which takes less time to reach school.
  • Set your goals and ask someone to keep a check.
  • Prepare everything night before every morning.
  • Set alarm.
  • Keep your clock 10 minutes ahead the original time.
There are the tips and tricks that everyone can use and can get effective results. These tips and tricks are personally used by us. 

We would love to listen from your side. Feel free to share your views. 
Let us know in comments below what other techniques you all have used to wake up early in the morning.

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