Saturday, October 15, 2016

What should I do to become smart like IITian's?

Comparison with yourself
From Canva | Keep your competition with yourself

Why do you want to live anyone else life? Live it in your way.

People from IITs are not god they are same as you & me, they are human being, they are student same as you.
You know, you are more talented than many of the students in IITs. You are working in the field in which you always wanted to work. Right?
Everyone has same opportunities, there is just need to find them. Your hardwork, your dedication, your determination takes you wherever you want to go.
And for higher studies you have same chances as others. Search about them on google, where you want to go, where you want to study. Find a good institution for yourself.
At last there is one simple advice, 
don’t compare yourself with anyone else, keep your competition with yourself. You are not less than anyone else.
You have potential and I know you will understand it.
Go for it. Do it.

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