Friday, October 14, 2016

Can anybody share their inspirational story of JEE preparation ?

I was always fascinated about IIT JEE because I am from Kota which is education city.
Every year many students come to kota to prepare for IIT JEE.
I saw the dedication and hard work of the students and at that time I was in 8th class.
So I decided to try for IIT JEE but no reason why ?
Then I came to know more about IIT JEE that IITs are the most prestigious colleges in the country and IIT Bombay is the best of them.
So I decided that I will take admission in IIT Bombay but for that, i have to be in top 50 ranks.
So I completed my 10th board with 86% marks back in 2009 then I joined individual coaching for class 11th.
Then in class 12th I joined Motion IIT-JEE, Kota for the preparation of JEE 2011.
But as we all know to get good marks we have to solve as much question as we can but at that time I always studied the notes and never did many questions as required so that year I failed to qualify JEE.
Then I went for counselling of AIEEE but didn't get good branch so my brother told me to join the coaching again and this time doesn't repeat the mistakes.
So I joined Resonance, Kota. In resonance, I got 40% scholarship through entrance exam. I started my journey for JEE 2012 with Batch U7 which was the last batch of that year.
After the 1st test, i got promoted to R7 batch (batch are like R, S, T, U).
I did hard work and I got 2nd rank in that batch (not in the institute :P).
Then I gained more confidence that yes I can crack JEE 2012.
During the preparation, i took a room at rent in front of my house so that no one disturbs me.
My mother was so dedicated to my studies then she even doesn't let me allow to come to the house for lunch.She always brought it for me to my room.
She always tried to save my time.
I used to study whole day and only at night I was allowed to join my family for dinner.
They even disconnected the cable connection so that I can study.
After JEE exam now time was for the result. But this time also I was not able to score good rank but I was JEE Qualified and I got admission through AIEEE in one of the best colleges of country Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad (IIIT - A).

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