Monday, October 10, 2016

How can someone score more marks in XII CBSE (PCMC) exams?

You have enough time to start and complete your studies. You just need to divide your time according to subject requirement and need to study each subject daily within particular period of time.
General conditions
  • Remove everything that distracts you during studies.
  • Use table and chair instead of bed.
  • Keep only study material on table.
  • Keep only that book and notebook which you need to study now.
  • Keep water bottle and healthy food (fruits), for the time you feel hungry.
  • Ask your family members not to disturb you during your studies.
Now for studies
  • Divide your time according to need of each subject.
  • Start with your NCERT books.
  • Start with the subject which you feel tough and find hard to understand because it will take time so as you have time then complete it first.
  • Now as you have divided time according to subject then start your studies.
  • Start reading NCERT books line by line because you need to read each chapter thoroughly to get the basics of subject.
  • Use marker t mark important points.
  • Also if you feel that you should note that points then make a separate notebook and write every important point so that later you can save your time by just reading that notes.
  • Solve each question given in NCERT books whether given at the end of chapter or solved examples.
  • Purchase last 10 or 15 years solved papers book and solve it completely so that you can know the pattern and how to write answers.
All the best for your exams.

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