Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What are the advantages of waking up early in the morning?

walking up in the morning
Advantages of waking up in the morning
Yes, it helps.
Here I am going to ask few simple questions “When you awake till 3 am , what do you do?, Do you use that time for most important work? or for any job related work? What you do at that time?

If you wake up in the morning then

  • It helps you to save your time or you can say it helps you to add extra time to your work.
  • Morning time is the best time to do important work like study, writing, meditation, exercise.

Let me tell you the main difference between morning time and night time.

  • During night, you feel OK to stay awake but you can’t do your work with more productivity and in morning you feel lazy to wake up but during morning time you have fresh mind to start. You can use that time to complete the most important work.
  • Morning time is better because at that time the environment is noise less, no one gonna disturb you.
  • At night you feel sleepy and when do your work while lying on the bed is the main reason of laziness.

Now, what you can do is :

  • Sleep early. Sleep around 11 pm or early.
  • Fix your sleep hour and try to follow it.
  • Wake up early in the morning and make it your habit.
  • Eat less food at night so that it can be digested in minimum time.
  • Wake up in the morning and drink enough water to feel fresh.
  • Before going to bed at night don’t use earphones and don’t listen anything.

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