Saturday, October 15, 2016

14 proved tips to "study smart"

Smart study tips
From Canva | Tips to Study Smart

Here are the tips and skills for which you were waiting from long time so that you can study with more productivity in your school.

  1. Prepare a study plan.
  2. Set your goal and complete them on time.
  3. Don’t focus on single subject in a day, study different subjects to avoid monotonous schedule.
  4. Connect the dots - Study by relating every topic
  5. Summarize everything.
  6. Make notes to use them later.
  7. While solving questions try to find pattern.
  8. Instead of mugging up, read everyday & learn everyday.
  9. After you have studied a topic or chapter, try to recall them and write in a notebook because learning using pen and paper is the best method.
  10. Be continuous - First complete what you have started then start another which means if you are studying a chapter then complete it before starting another to maintain flow.
  11. Don’t exhaust too much, don’t over do anything. Don’t force yourself, if you feel that you need a break then please take a break.
  12. Don’t sit for long hours. Take break after every 30 minutes or whatever duration suits you.
  13. And this is from my personal experience, don’t multi task. Focus on single work otherwise everything will remain incomplete and there will be no accuracy and efficiency.
  14. Sharing is caring - So whenever you find someone who is not able to understand certain topic then go forward and them them.
And at last
If you think I have left something then please let me know in comments. 

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