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How do I score 490+/500 in CBSE PCBM stream with only 5 months left?

5 months are enough to prepare for CBSE as you have to target only your NCERT text books.
The simple way that you can follow is :
  1. Divide your time for each subject. For e.g - 1–2 hour for chemistry, 1–2 hour for biology, etc. It totally depends on you how much time do you want to spend on each subject.
  2. Try to study first, the subject you feel hard to learn or that is tough to understand for you so that you can utilize your time to learn that subject properly. Like if you feel mathematics is tough then start studying maths because best time to start your studies is in the morning and use that time to do mind work.
  3. As your target is CBSE exams. Read every chapter of your NCERT textbook for subjects like physics, chemistry and biology. Before referring any other refresher, first complete every chapter of NCERT book.
  4. Mark important points using marker.While reading books use marker to mark important points so that later you can directly refer them instead of wasting time for whole book.
  5. Write important notes in a notebook. After marking if you feel that some points are more important then i suggest you to write your notes in a separate notebook. The benefit of it is that during last month of your exam you just have read that notebook and it will save your time.
  6. Solve every question given in the textbook, whether it is in between chapters or at the end of chapter.
Now for your daily routine.
  1. Eat Healthy Stay Healthy.
  2. Leave everything, which distracts you, outside your room.
  3. While studying tell everyone to not to disturb you.
  4. Keep everything you need on table, from pencil box to notebook and from water to fruits.
  5. Don’t eat heavy food while studying.
  6. Use table and chair to study instead of bed.
  7. Your table must have only that things which you gonna use during study.
  8. Try to complete 1 thing before starting other.
Also if you want to refer any guide then from my personal experience i suggest you to follow Shivdas and Sons book for each subject as it includes last 10 or 15 years solved papers. (Please check if it is available, if not, then consult with your teachers.)
Now everything is up to you. How much you can do will reflect on your result.
Brian Tracy wrote very important thoughts on - The Truth About Frogs
If You Have To Eat Two Frogs, Eat The Ugliest One First
This is another way of saying that if you have two important tasks before you, start with the biggest, hardest, and most important task first. Discipline yourself to begin immediately and then to persist until the task is complete before you go on to something else.
If You Have To Eat A Live Frog At All, It Doesn’t Pay To Sit And Look At It For Very Long
The key to reaching high levels of performance and productivity is to develop the lifelong habit of tackling your major task first thing each morning. You must develop the routine of “eating your frog” before you do anything else and without taking too much time to think about it.
Take Action Immediately
Successful, effective people are those who launch directly into their major tasks and then discipline themselves to work steadily and single-mindedly until those tasks are complete. “Failure to execute” is one of the biggest problems in organizations today. Many people confuse activity with accomplishment. They talk continually, hold endless meetings, and make wonderful plans, but in the final analysis, no one does the job and gets the results required.
Develop A Positive Addiction
You can actually develop a “positive addiction” to endorphins and to the feeling of enhanced clarity, confidence, and competence that they trigger. When you develop this addiction, you will, at an unconscious level, begin to organize your life in such a way that you are continually starting and completing ever more important tasks and projects. You will actually become addicted, in a very positive sense, to success and contribution.
No Shortcuts
Practice is the key to mastering any skill. Fortunately, your mind is like a muscle. It grows stronger and more capable with use. With practice, you can learn any behavior or develop any habit that you consider either desirable or necessary.
Action Exercise
What is your “frog?” What is the one task that you despise doing each day? Once you have chosen your “frog” make it a habit to wake up every morning and do that task first.

All the best for your exams

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