Saturday, October 08, 2016

What is the best way to get a large number of upvotes for your answers on Quora?

There may be several methods which can be applied while writing answers but what can help in getting more viewers to your answer or more upvotes can be -
  1. Quality of content - Most of the top voted answers are upvoted because of the quality provided by the user.
  2. Length of content - There may be less chances of getting upvotes for short answers but if you can write a sarcasm then it can get more upvotes but i recommend everyone to write fully descriptive so that each viewer can get its benefit and allow users to upvote your answer
  3. User’s credibility - There is huge difference between a user who has less followers and other one who has more than 500 followers. Both write good quality and authentic answers yet author with more followers will get more view and upvotes. So answer questions as much as you can, build your profile.
  4. User’s followers - Followers create strong effect on author’s reputation as it allow other viewers to get authentic content.
  5. Be creative - Always try to be more creative while writing answers.

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