Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What are the best ways to improve your memory?

How to improve your memory?
To improve your memory | From Canva
We read and learn many different information every minute and we don’t remember each of them. There are times when we require to remember something but we face difficulties in remembering that, so i am writing few methods that you can use in increase memory power.
  • Eat Healthy food (which is easy to digest).
  • Do exercise daily (helps in releasing stress).
  • Wake up early in the morning (you will surely feel fresh).
  • Do mind exercise (Solve mind puzzles).
  • Try to think more (Focus on why?).
  • Eat dry fruits & nuts (Everyone says this).
  • Make sure you sleep at least 7–8 hours. 
  • Don’t be multitask. Do one task at a time. If you do multi task then you will loose pace of every task.
  • Repetition - If you want to remember things you have learned then you to repeat it in your mind. So repeat it.
  • Write things and keep it in your sight.
Hope these things will help you. If yes, then please let me know in comments.

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