Friday, October 14, 2016

What is truly a waste of your personal time?

  • Emails - Everyone knows that most of our email are spams and the emails with offers which are not relevant to us still we check them just to clear the mail inbox.
  • Facebook - There are more than 500 friends on your friend list but no one talks to you but still you wait for someone to message you and you know that not a single notification worth your time still you continuously check the notification.
  • Messages - There are many messaging apps like Whatsapp, hike and much more which are installed on your phone and everyone in your contact is active on them and you wait for someone’s message and in between just to spend the time you waste your personal time.
  • Advice - People are so busy that they have so much to advise everyone. If you are free then instead of advising someone else try to focus on your growth.
  • Quora - Yes, Quora s one of the best apps to use and yes it is productive but till you are reading the answers which are productive and helpful to you.Don’t waste your time on reading questions like “How can I ask a girl for a date?” or ‘How was your experience on your first date?’. Ignore these type of questions and try to save your time.
  • Mobile - Ignore the unnecessary notifications. The worst thing about mobile is that it has so much stuff to waste our time and we spend our time and support that.
  • Ebooks - Ebooks are free and easy to carry but you can’t say no to the fact that most of the time it wastes our time. If you are reading or learning anything from eBook then you should ignore eBooks and must purchase hard copies.

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