Monday, October 10, 2016

What are the ten most important things you should do to others?

Ten things that you can do with anyone, yes with yourself also.
  • Talk - Young or Old everyone has something to share so if you can share your feelings with others and let others share their feeling with you.
  • Love - You can fill anyone’s life with joy and happiness if you can make them feel love because it is the only way anyone can connect to others, to strangers also.
  • Help - There is something you can do to others is to help them. They are in need so help them.
  • Smile - Yes, that young boy was crying and now smiling, why? because you smiled at him and made him realize to smile.
  • Listen - We all know that we have something to say but what about others who don’t have anyone to listen their part so whenever you see someone needy to wants to talk then listen them.
  • Respect - Whether a young boy/girl or old woman/man, we need to respect everyone. Share love with younger and respect elders
  • Motivate - This is not with me or you, it is with everyone that we feel demotivated many times
  • Advice - Whether young or old, elder or younger, there is a stage where everyone need advice so go to them and spread good advice.
  • Share - Sharing is caring. So whatever you have more or less, share with others. A small sharing can give a big smile to a sad face.
  • Accept - Situations changes everything. If someone has bad mood then just accept it because their mind is not in control. Let them calm themselves and help them in accepting the situation.

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