Thursday, October 06, 2016

Is it possible to sleep for just 4 hour in 24 hours and what are health effects?

It is very very essential to have at least 7-hour sound sleep without any distraction,why ?
There is an experiment between two people one who sleeps only for 5 hours a day and another who sleeps for at least 9 hours. Their boss gave them 1 question and ask them find the answer for it.
After 1 day they both were called by their boss and asked them to recall the question and give the answer one by one. One who slept 5 hours was even not able to recall the question properly and answered in very improper way but one who slept for 9 hours answered the correct answer with proper reason.
And if you ask about possibility then yes it is possible to sleep for 4 hours or also possible if you don’t want to sleep but it will surely affect your health and mind and also it will degrade your digestion and activeness.
Either it is mind or body, they works and stay active after proper rest.
So you need to take 7 to 8 hour sleep and if you need any proof of all this then try it but i will advice you to don’t try this at home.

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