Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How do I get more subscribers to my newsletter?

More Subscribers to Newsletter.

There is so much competition in acquiring new audience or retaining the old audience. It’s all about the content that every brand serving to their target specific audience.

Here i will give you the best to-do things to attract more readers & to get more subscribers -

  1. Make it personal - Make your content more personal to the audience. Create content which can connect with readers directly and make the users to subscribe your newsletter.
  2. Content - Content is the most important part of your every campaign. So provide authentic, real and eye catching content. Every reader must connect with what you are providing.
  3. Make everything very simple - Many of the websites and blogs lose their audience and subscribers just because they have confusing platform. So from entering email to interactive submit button to automated email in inbox, everything must be very interactive and simple.
  4. Something in return - Who don’t love free samples, so before asking your audience to subscribe your blog or newsletter, let them know what you are giving them or after subscription send something useful in their inbox, make them special by sending them exclusive eBook or a free trial of any sponsored software.
  5. Minimum number of clicks - As i said above everything must be simple so keep minimum number of clicks to subscribe.
  6. Social Media - Social Media platforms are the best to promote your product and content. So use every platform to reach out your audience.
    1. You can choose your target specific audience.
    2. You can post anything to everything.
    3. Choose content related platform. (E.G - Instagram for Images)
    4. Invite subscribers through social media.
  7. Headlines - The first & foremost thin every viewer see is the headline so keep your headlines to the point, think it as tweet for Twitter.
  8. Research - Everyone loves numbers so add some research statistics and comparisons to show real experience.
  9. Compatible with every device - People use different devices and gadgets to read the content so your blog post must be compatible with every device. You must add images or Gifs such that they are visible in every device.
  10. Hellobar- It is used on the bar at the top of your blog or site is called – a website/tool. It lets you put a message and a button up top. It’s a really cool way to get a mailing list sign up area.
  11. Run contests - One of the best way is to run contests or giveaway some cool prizes and (in return) ask for email signups within your contest entry form.
  12. Benefits - Tell your audience about the benefits and pros of subscribing your newsletter.
  13. Instant Offers - Just after signing up, give instant offers to first time subscribers..
  14. Exciting names - Just calling it a newsletter will not make any excitement, so give it another name.
     - Giveaway or Contests
     - Tricks.
     - Marketing Tips
  15. Beta Versions - If you are launching new products then allow your subscribers to use it’s beta version.

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